K@TE Programs

K@TE is a collaborative learning initiative implemented in 2017 by three different programs at UT, all of which are detailed below. Through K@TE, UT employees are able to register for and take training, as are external UT stakeholders and customers.

If you are not a UT employee and need to create a new K@TE account, choose the UT program providing your training from the below list. Each heading will direct you to the current course offerings and training services in K@TE and instructions for creating your new account.

UT Institute for Public Service

The UT Institute for Public Service (IPS) takes the expertise of a statewide university to the communities of Tennessee by helping leaders in government, business and law enforcement solve real-world problems every day. IPS plays a key role in the public service component of UT by assisting city and county governments in Tennessee and by training law enforcement personnel on a local, regional and national level. With offices in every region of the state, IPS also helps Tennessee manufacturers reduce costs and increase revenues.

IPS Agencies:

UT Institute of Agriculture

The UT Institute of Agriculture (UTIA), through its colleges, research and education centers, and county extension offices, serves the people of Tennessee and beyond through the discovery, communication and application of knowledge.

UTIA Programs:

UT Employee and Organizational Development

The UT System Office of Employee and Organizational Development (EOD) embraces life-long learning and provides all employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Each year, EOD delivers a wide variety of facilitated workshops, seminars, and conferences for the benefit of UT faculty and staff. Additionally, EOD offers a growing number of self-paced eLearning courses at no cost to UT employees on a full spectrum of topics, making it convenient for UT employees to meet their development needs.

UT Chattanooga Center for Professional Education

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Center for Professional Education is dedicated to seeing individuals advance - whether that is in their careers, personal lives, or simply their knowledge. UTC’s Center for Professional Education (CPE) provides professional non-credit learning opportunities that are engaging and inspiring allowing participants to feel empowered and ready to achieve their goals.