Getting Started

About K@TE

K@TE (pronounced "Kate") is the University of Tennessee's comprehensive Learning Management System. To find out more about the UT programs offering training through K@TE and how to create a new account, read through the Programs section.

Logging in to K@TE

Non-UT employees will log in to K@TE with the email address or user name and the password used when first creating an account.

If you are a UT faculty or staff member, you will log in to K@TE using your NetID and password. For UT students and UT student employees seeking training offerings, please refer to your campus safety office, academic Learning Management System or the Employee and Organizational Development website for additional information.

Once logged in to K@TE, browse the course catalog to view all of the in-person and online training courses currently offered or use the Search field to find what else is available. You will be able to now register and keep track of any upcoming courses with ease through K@TE.

If you have a question or need assistance, please email

Password Information

Non-UT Employees

Any external UT customers will choose a password when first creating an account in K@TE. If you ever forget your password and need to change it, click Options >> My Account >> Options >> Change Password in your K@TE portal. A "Forgot Password" link is also available on the K@TE login page, which generates an email with instructions for resetting your password.

UT Employees (Faculty and Staff Members)

If you are a UT faculty or staff member, your K@TE account is synchronized with your NetID and password. When unsure of your password, instructions for resetting it are below.

To change your password, choose one of the following two options:

Option 1

If you are on the UTK or UTC network and use your NetID and password to authenticate to your UT Windows computer:
  1. From your Windows computer, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  2. Choose the option to
    "Change Your Password"
  3. Enter your old password to authenticate and then enter and verify your new password

Option 2

For all other users, change or reset your password online with the Office of Information Technology (OIT).

If you need additional assistance with your NetID and/or password, contact the UT Knoxville OIT Helpdesk at 865-974-9900.

For any UT students or UT student employees seeking training, refer to your campus safety office or academic Learning Management System for additional information. Child Protection Training is offered through Employee and Organizational Development, and instructions are available when creating a new K@TE account for UT students, UT student employees, volunteers or contractors requiring this training.

Internet Browsers Supported

To most effectively use K@TE, one of the following Internet browsers is recommended:

  • Mozilla Firefox 4 and greater
  • Safari 8 and greater
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and greater
  • Opera 27 and greater

Other Settings

  • Pop-up blockers must be disabled for the K@TE application.
  • Cookies and JavaScript are required to be enabled.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view training completion certificates.